AntBox A Mobile Mining Farm


AntBox A Mobile Mining Farm


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Antbox from Bitmain

On 20 March, Bitmain has launched a new product, Antbox, a MOBILE mining farm! It uses standard container construction, after connecting electricity and networks, you can mine bitcoins right away. It can greatly save the time cost of building a mining farm. Because it is easy to transport, Antbox can make a seasonal migration to access to cheap water electricity or suitable temperatures.

Antbox has an internal single-row design and it achieves very good heat dissipation by fan cooling, external curtain wall and electric shutters. A single Antbox can house 324 units of Antminer S9. A 365-day warranty is also a guarantee of profits.

Not to mention its simple and beautiful design, as a mobile mining farm, it is very practical and with low power consumption, so it is like a landmark design of the crypto mining industry.

Basic parameters of ANTBOX:

Maximum capacity: 324 units S9 (APW3++ power supply required)

Weight: about 3 tons

Internal dimensions: 5640*2110*2765 (L*W*H)

External dimensions: 5850*2300*3070(L*W*H)

Electricity demand:

Current: 731A

Voltage: 380V

Power: 486KW

Incoming cable: (YJV-0.6/1KV 400)*4+ YJV-0.6/1KV 240*1

3150KVA transformer: can support 6 ANTBOX

  • ANTBOX is a product with high technology standards. It can bring great convenience to massive mining.
  • The temperature control is sophisticated. With the water curtains, the temperature is kept as low as 19℃ which helps with the stability of mining performance.
  • Noise is kept very low.
  • The design and look of the product is simple, practical and of great quality.
  • Safty is ensured by insulated floors and professional power control.
  • Great convenience. It’s mobile and easy to set up.
  • With the remote monitoring software, it’s convenient to control the farm.
  • Consultation and customization provided by the manufacturer. One year warranty provided.

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