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Furuno FAX408 Weatherfax 8″ Paper Standard Features:

  1. Provides weather charts and satellite images in nine gray levels on 8″ thermal paper
  2. Electronic scanning with thermal head recording system provides high quality facsimile images
  3. Fully automatic selection of speed, IOC, phase alignment and frequency. Manual selection also available
  4. 9-tone gradation recording provides clear and detailed weather images
  5. ISB shift function tracks frequency of SSB multiplex broadcasts whose frequencies typically shift 1-2 kHz
  6. Signal from external receiver may also be recorded
  7. Automatic shart/stop circuit provided in accordance with WMO standard
  8. Automatic channel selection by judging the quality of signal reception
  9. All known facsimile channels in 2-25 MHz bands are pre-programmed:150 channels
  10. Additional memory capacity of 164 user-programmable channels available
  11. Full automatic operation by a built-in schedule timer (16 programs can be set per week for automatic operation)
  12. Quiet thermal printing due to minimal mechanical components

Power Requirements

  1. 12-24 VDC

Furuno FAX408 Weatherfax 8″ Paper

The FAX408 provides weather charts and satellite images in nine gray levels on 8″ thermal paper. Electronic scanning and thermal head printing in nine shades of gray produce high quality facsimile images, while minimal mechanical components allows for an incredibly quiet operation. All known facsimile channels in the 2-25 MHz band are pre-programmed, and an additional 164 user-programmable channels are available. Fully automatic operation as available via programmable schedule timer.

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