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Furuno FE700 6.5″ Color LCD, IMO Echo Sounder Standard Features

  1. Cost-Effective: No Paper, No Consumables
  2. Choice of 50 kHz or 200 kHz System Frequency (Menu Selectable)
  3. 600 Watt RMS Transceiver
  4. 6.5″ Color TFT LCD Display with Wide Viewing Angle
  5. Compact Display Unit, Enabling Installation at the Conning Position
  6. Memory Storage and Recall of Depth Data for last 24 Hours
  7. 15 Minute Depth Data History may be viewed at any Range Scale
  8. Digital Interface for Radar, VDR, ECDIS, and other Navigational Equipment
  9. Customized Screen Modes for Simplified Presentation of Graphs and Data
  10. Audio/Visual Alarms For Shallow Water, Lost Bottom, And Power Failure
  11. DBS Mode Provides Draft Adjusted Depth Reading
  12. Transfer of Sounding Data to a Personal Computer is Available with Optional I/F
  13. 8 Fixed Range Scales to a Max. of 800 Meters (Menu Selectable in Feet or Fathoms)
  14. Maximum Range Offset to 1,600 Meters, 5,400 Feet or 900 Fathoms
  15. Minimum Depth Readings: 0.5m (200 kHz), 2.0m (50 kHz)
  16. Discrimination: 5.8mm per Meter Depth on 20m Range, 0.58mm on 200m Range
  17. Compliant With IMO Standards MSC.74(69) Annex 4
  18. Weights: Display Unit 4 kg, 8.8 lbs/Distribution Box 10 kg, 22.1 lbs

Furuno FE700 6.5″ Color LCD, IMO Echo Sounder Power Requirements

  1. 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 VA or 24 VDC, 20 W (Factory Preset At 230 VAC)

Furuno FE700 6.5″ Color LCD, IMO Echo Sounder Notes

  1. Required Transducers and Chests are not included with the Standard System

A Matching Box MB502 (000-013-602) or MB504 (000-013-604) is Required

Furuno FE700 6.5″ Color LCD, IMO Echo Sounder

The FE-700 is a result of over 50 years of Furuno’s vast range of experience and advanced microelectronics technology fields in developing echo sounders, sonars, and underwater application equipment and systems. This echo sounder is a breakthrough over the conventional paper eating sounders; there are no consumable items. The purpose of the echo sounder is to provide safe navigation by detecting the clearance below the ship (particularly in shallow waters) as required on the SOLAS Convention ships by the new IMO standards.

The basic system consists of a display unit, a distribution box, a matching box, and a transducer.

The 6.5″ high-brightness TFT color LCD display offers an easy-to-read depth sounding in various modes, permitting optimum representation with respect to the environment.

Detection range is automatically varied but there is manual override to select the required scale. The displayed record is visible for 15 min on any range and an instantaneous sounding is directly shown in large numerals in addition to the graphical display. Depths, associated time, and position are stored for 24 h in memory.

The data can be played back at any time.

Visual and audible alarms are generated when the water depth below transducer is shallower than a user-preset depth. When the seabed is lost because of the lowered detection or out of range setting, the alarm comes on. The receiver sensitivity is automatically controlled with the tracking depth; manual override is possible to improve the detection and to reduce the surface clutter.

The transducer is available in 200 kHz or 50 kHz. The 200 kHz system is advantageous in rough weather or congested waterways in shallow waters whereas the 50 kHz system is recommended for deeper range operation. Depth data can be output in IEC 61162 format to radar, ECDIS, VDR (Voyage Data Recorder), and other radiocommunication and navigation equipment. Optional software is available to transfer the sounding data to a personal computer.

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