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Furuno FI50 Depth Speed Wind Package FI50 Features:

  1. Easy to read, high contrast backlit LCD
  2. Automatic backlight sensor minimizes power consumption
  3. “Plug and Play” system utilizing NMEA2000 protocol
  4. Easy installation with hole-saw flush mount
  5. Ideal for mast or bulkhead mounting
  6. Waterproof to IP56 standard
  7. FI501: Dual Digital/Analog format displays Wind Angle and Speed
  8. FI503: Displays Depth, Speed, Wind Angle, Wind Direction, Timer, Water Temp, Air Temp, Air Pressure, Dewpoint, Chill, Battery Voltage, Time, Date, Heading, Nav Data, Engine, Rudder Angle

Furuno FI50 Depth Speed Wind Package FI5001 Features:

  1. Detects wind angle accuracy of better than ±10°
  2. Detects wind speed accuracy of better than ±5% (20 kt)
  3. Power requirement of less than 40 mA on a 12VDC system
  4. 30 Meter cable included

Furuno FI50 Depth Speed Wind Package FI5002 Features:

  1. 2 NMEA2000 backbone ports
  2. 6 NMEA2000 ports
  3. Less than 2A power requirement on a 12VDC system

Furuno FI50 Depth Speed Wind Package DST-800PSF Features:

  1. NMEA2000 device
  2. 235 kHz
  3. Depth, Speed and Temperature (+/ – 1 degree )
  4. 6-Meter Cable with 5-Pin NMEA2000 Connector
  5. Wide fore-aft, fan shaped beam is able to find bottom even when installed on high deadrise hulls or on sailboats
  6. Airmar’s patent pending speed signal processing for stable and high accuracy speed readings from 1–60 MPH
  7. Near-flush housing minimizes drag with only 5 mm (3/16″) extending outside of the hull
  8. Depth, speed, and temperature insert is easily removed for quick service or storage
  9. Self-jacking cap makes it easier to remove insert

Molded plastic P17 Housing

Furuno FI50 Depth Speed Wind Package

FI50DSW – Depth/Speed/Wind
Our professionally designed FI50 instrument series is designed to meet the needs of sail boaters and power boaters alike. The FI50DSW package offers a solution to boaters looking for an economical solution to display wind speed and direction, vessel speed through water, water depth and water temperature, as well as providing an excellent NMEA2000 backbone for future expandability.

The FI50DSW package consists of two displays, a wind sensor, thru-hull transducer and NMEA2000 junction box. All units in the package utilize NMEA2000 to communicate with each other and with other NMEA2000 devices. Single-wire installation and full compatibility with other navigation equipment facilitates an easy plug-and-play installation. Whether you use these instruments by themselves, as a part of your new NavNet 3D helm, or as a NMEA2000 backbone for you to expand upon, the FI50DSW will be a functional and beautiful addition to your helm.

The FI5001 is an analog Wind Transducer capable of detecting wind angle accuracy of better than ±10° and wind speed accuracy of better than ±5% (20 kt).

Apparent wind direction is displayed on the FI501 Display in both digital and analog format.

The new DST-800PSF Retractable Smart Sensor offers depth, speed and temperature functions in one compact thru-hull fitting. Only one hole in the boats hull makes this multisensor attractive to both boat builders and boat owners alike. Depth, water temperature and speed through water are shown on the FI503 Display in a horizontal 3 way split screen.

The FI5002 is an NMEA2000 Junction Box that features 2 NMEA2000 backbone ports, as well as 6 NMEA2000 ports. Its power requirements are less than 2A on a 12VDC system.

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