Coolair Refrigerated Dryer 125 CFM 230 Volt

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Coolair Refrigerated Dryer 125 CFM 230 Volt

  • Cools compressed air and condenses water for removal from compressed air network
  • Produces a pressure dew point of 50°F
  • Dew point indicator allows you to check your air quality
  • Simple to install and easy to operate
  • Easy access for quick servicing and low maintenance costs
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Coolair Refrigerated Dryer 125 CFM 230 Volt Model# 4102005085

Product Summary

Simple, low maintenance refrigerated dryer uses a refrigerant gas to cool compressed air and condense water for removal from your compressed air system. With this technique you can reach a COOL pressure dew point of 50° F. Refrigeration technology is the most used dryer technology, complying for more than 95% of industrial applications. Refrigerant dryers are commonly used with pneumatic applications and in the general industry (eg. engineering, steel, paper, tannery, garage). Compact equipment fits into small space and is easy to install and maintain. Produces higher quality air to increase overall plant productivity.

Key Specs
Item# 51722
Manufacturer’s Warranty 1 year Limited Warranty
Ship Weight 115.0 lbs
CFM 125
Volts 230
Application Refrigerated air dryer
UL Listed No
Dimensions L x W x H (in.) 12 x 28 x 39 in


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