Crop King 300 Gallon Aquaculture Tank System

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Crop King 300 Gallon Aquaculture Tank System

  • Complete system includes: 300 gallon tank; SL22 Sweetwater air pump and stone; two 52-gallon filtration tanks; beneficial bacteria; 732 silicone; PVC primer, cement and cleaner; plumbing parts; lumber for stand
  • Simple flush valve for easy daily system maintenance
  • Efficient system uses less than 10 gallons of water per day and less electricity than a 60 Watt light bulb
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Crop King 300 Gallon Aquaculture Tank System Model# AQUHS300

Product Summary

This Crop King 300-Gallon Aquaculture fish farming system comes ready for simple set up and is suitable for a variety of fish species including tilapia, catfish, ornamentals, and more. Smaller tanks act as bio-filters and the water is moved completely by air, with no additional pumps required. Easy maintenance.

Key Specs
Item# 61725
Brand Crop King
Ship Weight 350.0 lbs
Product Type Hydro Systems
System Capacity 300 gal.
Power Cord (ft.) 6
Amps 0.8
Voltage 120
Dimensions L x W x H (in.) 96 x 72 x 30 in
Product Weight 350 lb


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